Absolute Process Instruments

Absolute Process Instruments (API) manufactures Signal Conditioners, Isolators, Process Transmitters and Custom Electronics.

API is proudly American-owned and their products are American engineered and built.

Andruss-Peskin Corporation represents the Absolute Process Instruments product line in New England and Upstate New York.

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DC Input Alarms, DC Input Transmitter
Loop Powered Isolators
DC Input Transmitters, Converters, Isolators
DC Input Math Modules
AC Input Alarms, Transmitters, Converters, Isolators
Potentiometer Input Alarms, Transmitters, Converters, Isolators
Frequency Alarms and Transmitters, DC to Frequency Transmitters
Valve Positioners
Strain Gauge, Load Cell, Bridge Alarms, Transmitters, Converters
Temperature Alarms

Absolute Process Instruments, Inc.
1220 American Way
Libertyville, IL 60048
TEL: 800-942-0315 / 847-918-3510
Email: Sales@api-usa.com