Measurement Specialties

Measurement Specialties – Temperature Products Group manufactures precision interchangeable thermistors, probes, and readouts.
Andruss-Peskin Corporation is a distributor for the Measurement Specialties thermistors and thermistor probes.
(Formerly the YSI Temperature product line)
Thermistor & Probe Products
Thermistors are “thermally sensitive resistors” which exhibit a change in resistance with temperature. Measurement Specialties manufactures NTC “negative temperature coefficient” thermistors which exhibit a steep drop in resistance as temperature increases, providing high sensitivity to temperature changes.
Features of Thermistors

  • Sensitivity – A thermistor is much more sensitive to temperature change than other sensors. A typical thermistor changes 1,290 ohms/degree at 25°C.
  • Interchangeability – Measurement Specialties thermistors are available with interchangeabilities to ±0.05°C from 0 to 70°C.
  • Two Wire Connection No cold-junction compensation necessary. The thermistors higher resistance allows for longer lead lengths without introducing errors compared to RTD’s.
  • Ruggedness – Measurement Specialties continues to manufacture a series of thermistors which meet NASA qualifications for extended space flight
  • Hermetic Seal – Measurement Specialties glass-encapsulated thermistors achieve a hermetic seal between the environment and thermistor disc which permits measurement in high moisture environments.

A list of Measurement Specialties 44000 & 55000 Series Thermistors and Thermilinear Sets is available.

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