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Established in 1990, Sensing Systems Corporation is chartered with providing a broad range of measurement products and services. Sensing Systems provides a full scope of measurement services and manufactures high quality strain gage based sensors. At the core of our products and services are the knowledge, implementation, and development of strain gage technology. Our engineers and technicians have over one hundred years of accumulated laboratory and field experience. Our projects range from mundane to challenging to extremely complex. We have applied strain gages to parts and equipment that operate in extreme environments such as underwater, cryogenic/high temperature, magnetic, and highly corrosive environments.

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PhotoStress® Instrumentation

Micro-Measurements supplies a broad range of products for photoelastic testing. Photoelasticity is a full-field technique used in stress analysis testing. The technology embraces three broad categories:

  • PhotoStress® or photoelastic coating.
  • Two-dimensional model analysis
  • Three-dimensional model analysis

The literature describes these techniques and the materials and instrumentation used in these methods of stress analysis.

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Micro-Measurements is the world’s premier source for strain gages, strain gage instrumentation, and photoelastic equipment for high-precision strain measurement. These products are used in the practice of experimental stress analysis and as the sensing elements for a wide variety of transducers.
Andruss-Peskin Corporation represents Micro-Measurements in New England and Upstate New York.
Micro-Measurements consists of the following product groups:

  • Micro-Measurements: Leading supplier of electrical resistance strain gages, strain gage accessories, and special resistive sensors.
  • Instruments: Specialists in the development and manufacture of static and dynamic strain gage instrumentation.
  • Photolastic: Experts in the field of photoelasticity, offering a wide range of equipment and materials for using this technique.
  • Education: Innovators of technical teaching aids for schools to broaden the knowledge of teachers, engineers, and technicians in the use of strain gages and photoelasticity for experimental stress analysis.

Micro-Measurements has an excellent Web site with information on the company, its products, and technical support information. We invite you to visit the Micro-Measurements’s Web site.

Links to Product Areas on the Micro-Measurements Web Site:
Stress Analysis Strain Gages
Transducer Class Strain Gages
Strain Gage Accessories
PhotoStress® Plus

Technical training programs are held at the Micro-Measurements headquarters near Raleigh, North Carolina and at locations around the world. An up-to-date listing of the technical seminars, workshops, and short courses scheduled is available on the Micro-Measurements Web site.
Below is a summary of the key product literature available from Micro-Measurements. Feel free to contact Andruss-Peskin Corporation for literature or further information on any Micro-Measurements product.
Micro-Measurements Technical Training Programs

Micro-Measurements offers a series of comprehensive, coordinated instructional programs in the use of strain gage technology and photoelasticity in experimental stress analysis. This training, provided through workshops and short courses, is of maximum benefit to those new in these techniques.

Technical training programs are held at the Micro-Measurements headquarters near Raleigh, North Carolina and periodically at other locations around the world. An up-to-date listing giving dates and locations of the technical seminars, workshops, and short courses is available on the Micro-Measurements Web site.

Micro-Measurements now offers StrainTalk™ seminars which brings experts to your facility to talk about a variety of topics. To learn more and see the topics available click here.

Visit the Micro-Measurements web site.

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DJ instruments

DJ instruments, a Dynisco company, offers products and capabilities which include a complete line of general purpose pressure sensors and transducers covering a range from 0-25 up to 60,000 psi, a family of thru-FLO™ pressure transducers, a series of ceramic pressure sensors and custom designed strain gage products.

DJ Instruments is represented by Andruss-Peskin in the New England states
and upstate New York.
Visit the DJ Instruments Web Site.
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If you are outside our territory and wish to contact DJ Instruments directly:

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