Automate your inspection process with SensoPart vision Systems.

SensoPart covers the entire range of industrial image processing with its portfolio of vision solutions – from VISOR® plug & Play solutions for standard applications to the freely configurable Eyesight vision system designed for particularly complex automation tasks.

Their vision sensors can handle most inspection tasks. VISOR® vision sensors are capable of up to 50 evaluations per second, making them an ideal choice for rapid processes. All this is ready to use after just a few set up steps. For particularly complex tasks, Eyesight is available. Eyesight is a flexible vision system that offers a freely programmable vision system with comprehensive configuration possibilities.

Vision Systems are not all that they offer. Also amongst their catalog are cost-effective sensors for use in detecting objects, measurement, detecting colors and contrast, identification, and positioning.

Andruss-Peskin Corp. Sales Engineers can help you choose which vision system or sensor is right for your specific applications.


SensoPart Inc.
28400 Cedar Park Blvd
Perrysburg, OH 43551