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Starting as an informal partnership with NASA and a formal licensing agreement in 2011, Sensuron began developing off-the-shelf fiber optic sensing systems, and ultimately designing cutting-edge fiber optic sensing platforms, allowing companies to consolidate their testing and measurement solutions. Sensuron is now a leading global provider of distributed strain and temperature sensing platforms providing unparalleled performance for applications across industries and is now expanding to liquid-level and 2D deflection.


Ultrafine Distributed and Continuous Strain & Temperature Sensing, Liquid Level and 2D Deflection

  • Maximum Precision
    • Ruggedized – RTS125+
    • Laboratory Unit – Summit
    • Low cost – Strain Sense
  • High Acquisition Rates
    • Single Channel – Gator
    • Multi-Channel – SwitchedGator
    • Miniature for Aerospace – AeroGator 

AP Corp. represents Sensuron in New England and Upstate New York.


Sensuron, Inc.
3101 Bee Cave Road
Ste 110
Austin, TX 78746
TEL: +1-512-827-2040

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