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The Do's and Don'ts of Pressure Transducers

The Do's and Don'ts of Pressure Transducers

Several factors must be considered when specifying a pressure transducer for a process measurement. Some of the more significant ones are discussed in terms of the transducer and the overall measuring system. This information is user-friendly and can be used as a practical guide when selecting and applying strain-gage pressure transducers.

Bonded strain-gage pressure transducers have long provided a convenient, accurate, and dependable method of measuring fluid pressure.

The foil strain-gage of today is far more sophisticated than its wire-gage forefather. In the early 1950s, switching from wire to foil resulted in significant improvements in overall transducer performance.

The advancement has been continuous, and today's strain-gage transducers are a far cry from previous models. Significant progress has been made in various areas, including improved heat dissipation, improved bonding techniques, superior adhesives, reduced creep and hysteresis effects, and improved temperature compensation. As a result, the transducer is more accurate and dependable than other types.

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