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Precision and Innovation: AP Corp's Impact on New England's Manufacturing Sectors


AP Corp: Six Decades of Instrumentation Excellence Across Multiple Industries

Since its founding in 1959, Andruss Peskin Corp. (AP Corp) has solidified its position as the premier manufacturer's representative in New England and Upstate New York. Over the past six decades, AP Corp has built a reputation for excellence and reliability, specializing in pressure, temperature, strain, motion control, sound, and analytical instruments. Their expertise spans various industries, including Plastics, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Automotive, Aerospace, Wire & Cable, and Food Processing, making them a versatile and trusted partner for diverse manufacturing needs.

AP Corp's journey began with a commitment to providing high-quality instrumentation solutions tailored to each client's requirements. Their deep understanding of the industries they serve has been a critical factor in their success. In the plastics industry, for example, AP Corp's precision gear pumps, feed screws, gravimetric feeders, and advanced pressure and temperature instrumentation have helped manufacturers achieve optimal performance and efficiency. Their knowledge of color analyzers further enhances product quality and consistency, ensuring that clients meet the highest standards.

AP Corp's expertise in pressure and temperature, motion control systems, and analytical instruments is indispensable in the medical equipment sector. They provide innovative solutions that ensure the precision and reliability critical to medical equipment manufacturing. Their dedication to advancing the quality and efficiency of these products has made them a trusted partner for businesses aiming to comply with stringent industry standards and deliver superior performance.

AP Corp's influence extends to the pharmaceutical and packaging industries, where accurate and reliable instrumentation is vital. Their range of strain, motion control, sound instruments, and analytical expertise support these industries in maintaining the highest quality and operational efficiency. AP Corp's advanced solutions contribute to developing cutting-edge technologies and achieving rigorous performance benchmarks in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

AP Corp's comprehensive instrumentation solutions benefit the Wire & Cable and Food Processing industries. Their ability to provide customized, high-precision instruments ensures clients can maintain stringent quality controls and optimize manufacturing processes.

What sets AP Corp apart is their extensive product range and unwavering commitment to customer service and support. They work closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and provide tailored solutions that meet their needs. This customer-centric approach has earned AP Corp a loyal client base and a reputation for excellence that has endured for over sixty years.

In summary, Andruss Peskin Corp. (AP Corp) has established itself as a leading manufacturer's representative through its dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their expertise in pressure, temperature, strain, motion control, sound, and analytical instruments across various industries has made them an indispensable partner for manufacturers in New England and Upstate New York. As they continue to evolve and adapt to their client's changing needs, AP Corp remains committed to delivering the highest standards of excellence in the industry.

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