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Sentek Dynamics

Sentek Dynamics
Sentek Dynamics


Sentek Dynamics is dedicated to environmental testing, measurement and control technology. Sentek Dynamics develops and markets a wide-range of environmental testing systems, vibration test equipment, and instruments for control, data recording and analysis. With this comprehensive product line, Sentek Dynamics can offer turn-key environmental and vibration testing solutions for today?s demanding test requirements.


  • Electro-Dynamic Shakers
  • Three-Axis Shakers
  • Head Expanders & Fixtures
  • Slip Tables
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Vibration Control System
  • Environmental Test Chambers
  • THV Environmental Test Systems
  • Spider-101 THV Controller

Andruss-Peskin Corporation represents Sentek Dynamics in New England and Upstate New York.


Sentek Dynamics
2370 Owen Street
Santa Clara, CA 95054
TEL: +1 408-200-3100

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