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Instrumentation (Data Acquisition)

Crystal Instruments


Crystal Instruments (CI) is a leading USA based manufacturer of systems and software for machine monitoring, dynamic measurement, vibration testing, and acoustic testing.


  • Leading Innovation in Vibration testing, Condition Monitoring and Data Acquisition
  • Dynamic Signal Analyzers
  • Vibration Test Controllers
  • Machine Monitoring Devices

Sensing Systems Corporation


Sensing Systems provides a full scope of measurement services and manufactures high quality strain gage based sensors.


  • Custom Strain Gage Installations
  • Strain Gage Field Work & DAQ
  • Custom Force, Torque & Load Sensors

Pacific Instruments


Leader in the design, manufacture and support of state-of-the-art, computer-automated physical measurement systems.


  • Integrated Conditioning & Control Systems
  • Turnkey Acquisition Systems
  • Signal Conditioning Systems
  • Transient Recording Systems
  • Ruggedized Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems



The world’s premier source for strain gages, strain gage instrumentation, and photoelastic equipment for high-precision strain measurement.


  • Strain Gages & Installation Accessories
  • Strain Indicators & Strain Gage Signal Conditioners
  • Strain Gage Data Acquisition Systems
  • Photoelastic Full-Field Stress Analysis Equipment

Dynisco Plastics


Leading supplier of Melt Pressure Transducers and Instrumentation for plastics extrusion applications.


  • Extrusion Pressure Transducers & Instrumentation
  • Plastics Melt Flow Indexers
  • Capillary Rheometers
  • Polymer Evaluation Products

Absolute Process Instruments


Absolute Process Instruments (API) manufactures Signal Conditioners, Isolators, Process Transmitters and Custom Electronics.


  • DC Input Alarms, DC Input Transmitter
  • Loop Powered Isolators
  • Potentiometer Input Alarms, Transmitters, Converters, Isolators
  • Frequency Alarms and Transmitters, DC to Frequency Transmitters
  • Temperature Alarms

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