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Load Cells & Instrument Hardware



Strainsert utilizes the technology of bonding strain gages inside small diameter holes. This technique is used in the manufacture of load-sensing bolts & studs, load cells, clevis pins and bolts, and tension links.


  • Load Cells
  • Force Sensing Clevis Pins
  • Bolts, Studs & Tension Links

DJ instruments


General purpose pressure sensors and transducers covering a range from 0-25 up to 60,000 psi, a family of thru-FLO™ pressure transducers.


  • Thru-FLOTM Pressure Transducers
  • Custom Pressure Transducers
  • Custom Pressure Sensors



Strain gage based sensors and load cells. Complete in-house capability, engineering, machining, assembly, and testing.


  • Shear Beam Load Cells
  • Strain Gage Services
  • Bending Beam
  • Load Cells
  • Shear Pin Load Cells
  • Tension & Compression
  • Load Cells

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