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Pressure Sensors

Kistler Instrument Corp.


The leading manufacturer of dynamic measuring technology and solutions encompassing force, pressure, acceleration and torque.


  • Force Sensors
  • Accelerometer Sensors
  • Torque Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Signal Conditioning
  • KiDAQ Data Acquisition System
  • Optosensors and inductive proximity switches



Heise manufactures precision dial pressure gauges, digital pressure instruments, pressure transducers and precision dead-weight testers and calibrators.


  • Precision Dial Pressure Gages
  • Digital Pressure Indicators & Calibrators
  • Analog & Digital Pressure Transducers

Dynisco Plastics


Leading supplier of Melt Pressure Transducers and Instrumentation for plastics extrusion applications.


  • Extrusion Pressure Transducers & Instrumentation
  • Plastics Melt Flow Indexers
  • Capillary Rheometers
  • Polymer Evaluation Products

DJ instruments


General purpose pressure sensors and transducers covering a range from 0-25 up to 60,000 psi, a family of thru-FLO™ pressure transducers.


  • Thru-FLOTM Pressure Transducers
  • Custom Pressure Transducers
  • Custom Pressure Sensors

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