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Dynisco ViscoSensor for Online Rheological Measurement

Dynisco ViscoSensor


  • Attaches to process using a single M18 pressure port or flange mounting.
  • Effective solution for online viscosity or melt index monitoring.
  • No waste stream, tested sample is returned to process • Online ASTM D1238 melt flow rate, ISO 1133, or JIS K 7210.
  • Online apparent and intrinsic viscosities.
  • Interchangeable capillaries.
  • Compact measuring head for close extruder connection • Simple “in the field” calibration.
  • 2 Vertex Mercury Free Pressure Transducers for high accuracy.
  • Platinum RTD melt temperature sensor immersed in molten stream for accurate test temperature measurement.

Designed Specifically for the thermoplastics resin market, the Dynisco ViscoSensor provides the continuous measurement of melt flow rate, or apparent or intrinsic viscosity, directly on the manufacturing process. The Dynisco ViscoSensor system consists of two components:

  • Viscosensor RSU (Rheologic Sensing Unit), connected directly to the process, which samples, conditions, and measures the melt flow of the resin.
  • Either an RCU or e-RCU (Rheologic Control Unit) that controls the Viscosensor test parameters (temperature, pressure, rate), provides outputs of computed results, and provides communications to an external distributed control system when required.

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